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Save time. Streamline knowledge sharing.

From automated session recording to AI-powered article generation and one-click knowledgebase deployment, Temo not only assists you with your most time-consuming documentation tasks but also enhances your ability to create engaging, interactive, and accessible content for your audience.

Capture Your Knowledge

Capture Your Knowledge

Effortlessly record product docs, technical blogs, knowledge bases.

Session recording: capture interactions, mouse movements, clicks, form inputs.

Voice-over and transcription for engaging articles.

Easily upload and embed videos, screenshots, and audio.

Generate Interactive Demos & Articles

Generate Interactive Demos & Articles

AI automatically generates step-by-step interactive temos with screenshots.

Choose cutting-edge language models from OpenAI, Google and Anthropic to generate high-quality articles

Edit generated articles in-place using custom prompts

Supports over 30 languages for a global audience.

Compare translations side by side.

Generate AI-Voiceover for your demos selecting from a multiple voice options. Or clone your voice to create a custom voice.

One-Click Deploy, Publish & Share

One-Click Deploy, Publish & Share

Deploy to Vercel with one click, completely free.

Analytics insights into temo usage, completion rates, engagement.

Uses open Markdown files - never locked in, preserve articles long-term.

Custom domain support for branded experience.

First-Class SEO & Accessibility

First-Class SEO & Accessibility

Automatically optimized for search engines and social sharing.

Customize metadata, descriptions, slugs, images per page.

Optional analytics - Google Analytics, Plausible, Fathom.

Perfect 100% Lighthouse accessibility score out of the box.

Built to Last

Temo is open source, independent, and funded 100% by its users. No investors, no bullshit.

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Independent AI technology for modern documentation
Temo is open source, independent, and funded 100% by its users.